Monday, March 9, 2009

SoapSense Just Makes Good Sense

There is nothing more luxurious than using a handmade bar of soap. If you've never tried one, you must. It's like eating a fine piece of chocolate as opposed to the waxy chocolate that's passed out on Halloween that you swipe from your kid's sack. Ahhh, now you know what I mean. I'd like you to meet Dana, another wonderful artisan from Etsy. She creates a delicious assortment of these soapy goldmines, and they are easier to get than that rotten candy from the kid's hidden stash.

Dana, how did you get started making soap?

About 5 years ago I ran across a handcrafted soap craft book in the used book store. I was immediately fascinated with making soap from scratch, and being able to control the ingredients and scent. The first few soap batches I tried were not altogether successful. But when persistence paid off and I had those first few bars of luxurious soap that turned out right, I was hooked!

At what time did it go from something you enjoyed doing to a business?

Soap making did start out as just a way to make soap for my family and as gifts for friends. However, since this is a very addictive craft, at some point your house starts being overrun by more soap than you can use or give away -- that's when you know it is time to start figuring out your packaging, pricing, and selling venues!

Do you have a favorite soap that you make?

I have two all-time favorite bars that I keep making over and over again. The first is my Rosemary Mint bar. It has French Green Clay in it and is a lively bar that works well for shaving. The second is my Goat's Milk Gardenia bar. I love the floral fragrance in this one as well as the soothing oatmeal.

Your father-in-law makes beautiful soap dishes made out of scraps of wood that are perfect to use with your soaps, how did that partnership get started?

I wanted to expand the items offered in my Etsy shop, so I brainstormed different ways to do this in an earth-friendly way. My woodworking father-in-law has always been my go-to person for a variety of woodworking projects, so this was a natural extension of the talents that he has. I designed the dishes to fit my soaps, and he collects
the wood to build them.

Where can we go to buy your items?

My soaps, dishes, and other bath accessories are offered on my Etsy shop, Soap Sense. You can also buy locally if you are lucky enough to be invited to one of my home parties!

Any new soaps you are working on that we'll see in your shop in the near future?

I'm always trying new soap recipes since I create them myself. I'm currently attracted to making a series of Dead Sea Salt bars in different fragrances that are great for summer. I'll also be remaking my Jasmine Tea soap bar - it has been wildly popular the last few months, and sold out very quickly.


  1. Thanks so much for the feature! :)

    Dana @
    Soap Sense

  2. Oh yum! I love handmade soap. It's my dream to learn to make my own someday. Until then, I just buy it. :)

  3. Great interview - I need to start using the special soap. Your description is so enticing.