Sunday, January 25, 2009

New Blog

Welcome to my new blog. Over the last couple of years, I've come to put a lot of thought into the products that i buy and chose not to buy. I feel the need to make sure my choices are more friendly to people, animals and the planet. This is not always an easy quest. Knowing this is a trend, large companies have jumped on the bandwagon of "going green." To do this, they have changed their rhetoric but not really their policies. More and more often, I'm trying to know who I buy from. I'm trying to make sure the people who make the products are getting paid a fair wage. I"m trying to know that the business is making an honest effort to reduce their footprint on this earth. Often, I'm deciding that I really don't need so many things. That this rush to fill up our closets empties us in so many ways. It wastes our time, it wastes our money and will never really leave us fulfilled. This blog is meant to be my public exploration of these themes. I will try to talk about products that are made in socially responsible ways. Focusing on products that reuse items, use high craftsmanship, and are from small independent artists and business people, as often as possible. In addition, we will talk about ways that we can make some of the things we need ourselves. This is not as daunting a project as it may sound. It is rewarding, economical and environmentally friendly to do this as often as possible. This exploration is intended to be a dialogue. I have no desire to toss these ramblings into an empty cyperspace. I hope to learn from my readers, to share their triumphs and frustrations. Please, teach me what you know about being responsible for the things i own. Help me find great artists and craftsmen and women. Help me find business that are putting their money where their mouth is, not because it is now prudent to do so but because it is the right thing to do.

This blog will focus on most the items I buy for my house and person. Personal hygiene items, clothing, cleaning supplies, food, and larger household items. Please, join me in my journey to lesson my impact on this earth.

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